Our Story

We began our model car journey by teaming up with the world's most reputable diecast suppliers. We understood that delivering built to last models with exceptional quality was paramount. Our diecast partners have decades of experience under their belt and their work truly speaks for them. 

Then we dug deeper to find passionate collectors and learn what makes a great diecast collection! We’ve learned that each customer is unique and their own way but can all agree on one thing. Everyone appreciates a quality model! Young to old we all love being creative or reminiscing on the memories these models bring to us. The feeling is priceless and this is why we’ve created a new mission for our website modelcardealer.com!


Our Mission

We will be donating a model car for every sale made on modelcardealer.com. This initiative will bring joy and lasting memories to kids that are in need of toys.

“Seeing my nieces and nephews enjoy playing with our models allowed me to understand the simple fact…...children need the right tools to be creative. We are most like our creator when we can be creative and simply having our children play on smart phones won’t build a child’s imagination.”

-Joshua Bennett CEO


We believe in our mission and hope you do as well! 

Thank you so much for your support and please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have!